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A cookie is a small text document that is stored on your device while you are visiting sites. The cookies we set are called “first-party cookies.” We also use “third-party cookies” that provide third-party functionality and features on or through a website (e.g., personalized advertising and analytics). You can find additional information below.

What types of cookies are used on the Novi Sad Fair sites?

The information collected by cookies may include e.g. the following type of information (it depends on the cookie itself): information about the interaction on our sites (group of companies “Infostud”), information about the interaction on the site, indicated preferences, and click behavior.

We do not control the operation of “third party cookies.” Appropriate third parties are responsible for such cookies and for their own data processing.

  1. Basic cookies

These cookies are necessary in order to be able to navigate the website (eg PHPSESSID). They are needed to enable the basic functioning of the site.

  1. Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use the website in an anonymous and aggregated form. They are used to analyze and improve the functioning of the site.

  1. Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies allow the site to remember the choices you made (e.g. you saved a search by certain criteria, whether you applied for an ad, etc …) and thus provide more personal capabilities.

The website uses cookies from the external Google Analytics script to improve the monitoring of user behavior. The service also uses Yandex.Metrica external script cookies, which provide insight into the movement of users through the company’s sites and related legal entities, but without access to your personal data.

  1. Marketing cookies

These, usually third-party cookies, are used to display ads / advertisements that are relevant to you. It will also limit the number of times a particular ad is displayed and measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Cookies remember your visit and behavior on the site.

Third-party advertising cookies and the services we use include, for example: “Google Ads”, Facebook Pixel …

How to disable cookies at any time?

You are completely free to choose whether you want your device to automatically accept and store all types of cookies and you can set this up in your web browser. In the web browser menu on your computer, you can turn off the acceptance of cookies and / or delete all cookies that are currently on your device.

When you visit our site, a notification will appear asking for your consent to the use of cookies. If you do not want to accept cookies and if you empty your web browser as described above, the company’s website and the tools we use will prevent further access to your personal data.

If you only want to accept cookies from us, and not third-party cookies, you can usually (depending on your web browser) select “Block third-party cookies” from your settings.

How to disable cookies in different web browsers:

How to delete cookies


If you want to prevent future cookies from being stored on your device (mobile and / or desktop computer), you can block cookies in your web browser settings.

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